Welcome toGrayson's Art Club!

We want to encourage everyone to express their creativity through art. Art is good for you, whoever you are.

Last year over seventeen thousand people submitted their artwork to Grayson and Philippa.

Grayson and Phillipa
The people who get the most out of the arts are the ones
who make them. Grayson Perry

Lots of you appeared on the show or had your art featured. And a lucky few are being exhibited in the series 2 exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, alongside work by some of the leading artists and the celebrity guests that Grayson and Philippa welcomed to the show.

This year, everyone across the UK is once again invited to submit their art, and become part of the third series of Grayson's Art Club on Channel 4.

Make a little nest for your feelings about being alive, nurture them that
they may fledge and fly.
Grayson Perry

So, join Grayson, Philippa and their special guests in creating art about who you are, what you are going through, and how your feel.

Watch Series 1 & 2